The Values Project collects non-fiction stories which illustrate the ethical dilemmas of modern life and how we make the choices that reflect our underlying values.

29 02 2012

Why are we doing the Values Project?

As humans we have a natural tendency to crave meaning in our lives.  Early mythology evolved as a way to bring a sense of comfort and order to what must have seemed like an irrational world.  Today, for some, their core values are clear and stem from their religious beliefs.  Many others feel disconnected to a larger sense of meaning; and the way they live their lives may or may not reflect the values they have.  And still others, faced with the choices of modern life, are struggling to define their belief system.  It is a time of cynicism for many, and we hope the Values Project shines a light on the values that we hold as most critical and inspiring.

Are you saying we don’t have stories of modern values?

There are many modern soulful, powerful stories like these are shared every day with friends.  However there is no central repository where these modern stories are collected and then discussed.  The stories collected here in the Values Project might have been originally published elsewhere, but by providing a central location we hope they become more accessible, and also that the site will drive discussion.

How will the Values Project work? Can anyone submit?  Who decides??

The Values Project will look for real stories that are inspiring, or stories that are illustrative of the hard choices many of us face.  With guidance from a rotating board of editors and content advisors, the Values Project will facilitate the gathering of these stories and launch a thoughtful discussion. Each year the Values Project will also focus in on key social themes or questions. (For example, income equality or growth versus ecology) Stories can be submitted as text, video, or audio. However all stories submitted must be approved by at least one member of the editorial board. All stories must be real, not fictional.  Note: As the board is established, it will decide further editorial guidelines.

How does the discussion part work?

Much like the discussion that comes out of a particularly good sermon, we hope that readers will debate and question the choices made by people in these stories, for it is the questioning that forces us to consider who we really are and what we stand for.  We hope the discussion becomes exciting and robust! But it must also remain respectful.  Any spam, flame, incendiary remarks, or personal insults will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the site.